Barni Garage

Car Detailing is the set of cleaning, polishing and maintenance interventions aimed at aesthetically restoring, preserving, improving and protecting the surfaces of a vehicle.

  • Steam car wash. Steam allows you to neutralize bad odors, fight bacteria and mites, remove stains and halos in a completely natural way.
    Not only carpets, fabrics and leathers but we also degrease all plastic surfaces completely, restoring their old splendor.
  • Internal sanitation
  • Interior sanitization on Ozone. The safest and most ecological professional method for sanitizing the passenger compartment and the air conditioning system of ambulances, campers, buses and cars.
  • Car Wrapping. Do not paint, rely on wrapping with 3M products.Change the color of your car quickly and conveniently.The car wrapping is not definitive, you can return your car to its original appearance
  • Darkening the windows of your car as well as being a way to make your car more sporty offers many advantages: greater level of privacy, energy saving, greater safety in the event of an accident, approved and guaranteed films from 5 to 7 years.
  • Led and Xenon kit installation
  • Body polishing
  • Car interior repair Leather and Fabrics

Barni Garage Price List 

Car interior repair Leather and Fabrics

Steam car wash

Cabin Sanitization with Ozone

Car Wrapping and Window Darkening