Rent list Mini Moke Unleaded

MINI MOKE € 90,00 € 240,00 € 375,00 € 490,00 € 910,00 € 1260,00 € 1540,00
High Season From 15 June At 15 September Christmas Easter New Year’s Eve
Low season all other periods
The price includes 100 km per day, rc car insurance, fire and theft. Franchise 1000 euro, bail 500 euro.
INSURANCE FULL KASKO 14,80 EURO DAY (franchise 500 euro)
In case of any kind of accident the client is obliged to pay 75 euro for administrative management.

In case of a claim for compensation against their charge of 150 euro for insurance increased costs.
refueling service 30 euro + fuel costs. (Diesel € 1.70 – € 1.90 Petrol)
cleaning service Outdoor parking 30 €.
Service car wash inside 30 euro.

The washes are to be charged in the event that the customer does not return the car so ‘as it’ was delivered at check-in.
Inside the car, and ‘no smoking, any damage to the upholstery are not covered by insurance, if they are experienced by cigarette damage tappezzeria on the cost you pay will be’ 350 Euro per forfait.
Pagamento: credit card or cash.


Greluno SRL, (hereinafter, “Greluno SRL) rents the vehicle to the customer (hereinafter, the” vehicle “) identified in the terms stipulated in this Rental Agreement, the terms set out therein, as well as the following Terms and Conditions:
1.Customer upon delivery and before the withdrawal is required to promptly report any damage and abnormalities visible on the outside and inside of the vehicle is not detected on Greluno forms. Otherwise, the vehicle saves any reservation on the possible responsibility of the customer, it is presumed received by the customer in perfect order and in any event under conditions conforming to the figure recorded in the application form signed by the Customer. The Customer undertakes to return the vehicle in the same conditions, except for normal wear and tear with regard to kilometers traveled, in clean condition compatible with normal use, with the tires, equipment, documents and all the equipment supplied. The vehicle will be returned to a Greluno office during business hours, in the town where he was hired or in a different place and the day and time specified in this Rental Agreement, or sooner in the event of early termination of this contract where the vehicle is used in violation of the provisions contained in it. This contract may be terminated in advance by Greluno, pursuant to art. 1456 cc, in case of violation by the customer of Articles 2 or 3 of this Agreement, in the event of insolvency of the Customer or in the event of bankruptcy or other insolvency proceedings charged to the customer. Anyway Greluno SRL, by written notice, reserves the right to terminate this Rental Agreement and the Trade Agreement, where this exists, and any related contracts negotiation with the same customer in the event of decrease in reliability requirements economic- financial of the customer, on whose assumptions were based the above agreements. Intimated the early termination of the Contract, the Customer is required the immediate repatriation of the vehicle owned Greluno SRL and to pay the agreed amount until the return date of the vehicle. Regardless of the signing of the conditions referred to in art. 4, the customer will be liable for damages caused to the vehicle due to improper use or wear and tear resulting from disproportionate in relation to mileage, daily or during the reporting period and, as a special penalty not subject to reduction to equity, the commercial value the same, if, in case of theft, does not return to Greluno the keys of the vehicle or does not deliver to Greluno the original of the theft the same complaint, immediately lodged with the judicial authorities; at the latest, the report must be submitted by the customer, except in cases of proven impediment, within 24 hours after the event. The forecasts in case of theft, with the exception of the complaint to the Judicial Authority obligations apply, mutatis mutandis, even in case of fire. Greluno not be liable for damages resulting from non-performance by the customer due diligence in the maintenance and operation of the vehicle and reserves of debiting, as a penalty, the damage occurred to the vehicle anyway related to fraud manifesto and / or gross negligence of the customer in the use of the medium. It does not affect the Customer’s right to prove that the damage is dependent on causes not attributable to him in accordance dell’art.1588 of the Civil Code. 2.The motor vehicle can be driven solely by customer nominee of this Rental Agreement or any other persons, both in Italy and in foreign countries allowed by Greluno listed on the sidelines of this port contract , with the prior written consent of Greluno and against payment of the additional amount provided in this Agreement. In no case the vehicle may be conducted by people who are not in possession of valid driving license issued at least one year and / or under the age of 25. E ‘permitted driving at the age of 25, provided they have a license valid driving, issued at least 2 years and upon payment of additional consideration indicated in this Agreement. The vehicle also must not be driven by the driver in a state of drunkenness or unconsciousness due to abuse of alcohol or drugs, the obligation of the customer to prior verification of the custodial staff of any state. Finally, the vehicle must not be used:
a. for the transportation of contraband goods, of explosive or pollutant material, of substances which, because of their conditions, can damage the vehicle and / or compromising / slow the possibility of re-renting by Greluno;
b. for the carriage of passengers or goods for reward;
c. to push or tow another vehicle or trailer;
d. in competitions of any gender, sports and not, or to paths of tests;
e. for driving on unsuitable roads or “off the road”;
f. for driving under overload conditions or loads not properly secured;
g. for the transport of parcels or postal items;
h. to give driving lessons or to practice the same;
i. to make subleasing activities, without the prior written permission of Greluno;
j. to circulate in restricted areas, such as, but not limited to, runways or take-off, airport service roads and / or adjacent areas;
k. for any other use in violation of laws or regulations, or to the pursuit of any illegal purposes.
3. The customer is obligated to pay and / or reimburse Greluno invoice, the following:
a. The consideration for the Mileage by Vehicle During the rental if superiors to 100 km per day, calculated on the basis of the APPLICABLE rate (0.60 cents EU); b. The amount calculated in relation to the rental period. In case of delayed delivery of more than 60 minutes, Greluno E Approved a bill an additional day; c. The additional fee if the Vehicle SIA returned to a place other than where it was rented; The additional consideration if the vehicle returned to Come Place and / or day Different from What agreed to rental start;
d. EVERY other amount under this Agreement as consideration for equipment OPTIONAL and / or Reimbursement Including additional amounts provided for the REDUCTION / elimination of Liability Damage and / or theft;
e. The fuel filler Cost and Its refueling service if the customer chooses to return the vehicle with a fuel amount less than That Receipt Of 30 Euro and more the fuel cost. If, instead, you agree to buy at the beginning of rental a tank of fuel, whose cost will be Shown in the Present Contract, you will not be free of charge for refueling service, but will not be refunded the remaining fuel. If instead the customer Tread Up to a maximum of 120 km, even if the fuel tank full indicator signals, will be charged to the closure of the Contract The amount of EUR 15.00 including VAT a Meno That, upon return of the Vehicle, the customer does not present the Receipt of refueling in the immediate office rental Proximity; f. The amount of fines charged to the customer and / or Greluno for violations of the Highway Code or other applicable laws, committed during the rental, as well as the fixed cost predicted by Greluno for Administrative Management of each sanction of € 50.00 + VAT. EACH Amount Its a motorway tolls and / or parking spaces for a fee not paid directly by the customer as well as the fixed cost predicted by Greluno, Cost consulted on the website, for Administrative Management of EVERY single transaction. The customer will be responsible Directly Against That authority imposed a pecuniary sanction, EXCEPT That for Those violations of the Highway Code or other applicable regulations, Che Siano not attributable to the Customer. In case of seizure or other type of latch attributable to the Customer Vehicle, Greluno charge the daily rental rate for each day of Fermo well as the Vehicle Any other expenses incurred by the latter for repayment by the Authority;
g. EVERY expenditures – including legal ones – What Greluno are incurred to obtain payment of sums due by the Client Any; h. All EXPENSES Administrative, fees and taxes arising from the rental;
i. Compensation for Damage Caused by negligence, to the roof, to the bottom, to the upholstery, to the sheet or to the camber of the vehicle, even if the customer has paid the amount for the REDUCE or the total elimination of Economic Responsibility, up to a maximum € 700 (cd Extra Service under article 4 which follows.);
j. Provided the amount communicated to the customer for the delivery and / or resume for EACH rental What begins and / or Term in Places diversification From the Greluno (Ex rental offices. Hotels, Companies, etc.);
k. The consideration Expected communicated to the customer for EVERY car What Have beginning or term outside of the observed times From the Greluno rental office;
l.the vehicle must be returned in the State in which the car Has Been handed over, in the case where non-Fosse Restituita thereby penalty of 30 euro-mail.The Customer acknowledges that the rental will end on the date and time of receipt of the vehicle and the associated keys by Greluno; failure to return the vehicle keys at the end of the hire will result in an automatic minimum charge of € 170.00 (excluding VAT Article 15 of Presidential Decree 633/72).
It is also understood that, if the return of the vehicle and its keys has been allowed by Greluno during the closing time of rental office, rental will expire on the date / time of the reopening of the same rental, stop remaining the Client responsibility for any damages found to the vehicle. In the event of late payment of any amount for any reason due and invoiced, the Client shall pay Greluno interest in the amount of the ECB’s rate in effect, increased by 7 percentage points, but always respecting the legal limits. The Customer undertakes to return the vehicle promptly and in any case within seven days if required for reasons of recall campaigns, planned maintenance or administrative needs of Greluno. Failure to return the vehicle will be charged to the customer for demonstrated economic damage suffered by Greluno.
4. The customer is liable for damages to the vehicle, with the exception of specific reductions of liability purchased at time of rental. Greluno will charge, as a penalty for the damage suffered, the amounts up to the level of the Economic Responsibility forth in this Agreement. The customer can choose to sign the Additional Service that reduces or eliminates the penalty for the Economic Responsibility for those who are guilty of damage to the vehicle (with the exception of the interior / exterior mirrors and sunroof). The signing of the Additional Service that reduces or eliminates the risk of damage (excluding the damage referred in article 3 j. Above), do not release the customer from taking the utmost care in the vehicle run. Greluno, by way of criminal reserves the right to proceed to debit the damage due to the fault / negligence of the customer even if he signed the additional service that reduces or eliminates the penalty for the economic responsibility for damage to the vehicle. It does not affect the Customer’s right to prove that the damage is dependent on causes not attributable to him in accordance with art. 1588 of the Civil Code. Moreover, in case of damage, Greluno charge the amount of € 50.00 VAT included for the administrative management of each individual claim. Upon the return of the vehicle the customer’s responsibility to verify jointly with the officer Greluno personal status of the vehicle, ensuring and undersigning any differences than indicated into signed forms at the beginning of rental. Customer Notes, nevertheless, that any additional repair costs, resulting from “hidden damage” to the body and / or mechanical and thus recognized by Greluno after the redelivery will be charged to the Customer. If, for any reason, the joint verification is not made, the Customer hereby authorizes Greluno to charge him for any damage later found on the vehicle, except as noted above with respect to any “hidden damage”. The quantification of the damage will be to work Greluno on the basis of repair lists adopted important manufacturers at the date of return of the vehicle. Greluno reserves the right to undertake special tables for immediate estimate of the damage detected. The customer is responsible for the total or partial theft of the vehicle up to the amount specified in this Agreement. The Client is obliged to sign the Additional Service which limits the Economic Responsibility in case of theft ( “TP”), and is optional subscription for the Elimination of Economic responsibility in case of damage. The limitation / reduction / elimination of liability for theft, not release the customer from taking the utmost care to avoid the theft of the vehicle. In case of total or partial theft you will be charged the amount of € 50.00 VAT included, for the administrative management of the practice.
Greluno reserves the right to proceed to debit, as a penalty, the value of the vehicle (reference Eurotax Yellow) in case of theft, except that the customer can not prove that they have taken utmost care to avoid the event occurred anyway for reasons not attributable to him in accordance with art. 1588 of the Civil Code. Notwithstanding the restrictions relating not covered by Greluno countries, listed on the sidelines of this folder port contract, Reduction / Elimination economic responsibility for damage and Reduction / Elimination Economic responsibility for theft will not be operating for journeys in countries other than those permitted by Greluno. In such cases, the customer will be required, as a special criminal not attributable to equity, full compensation of the damage occurred to the vehicle or, in the case of theft, the payment of the commercial value of the vehicle according to the official listing of the month Eurotax Yellow and the year in which the theft took place. The customer will also be obligated to pay any expenses Greluno by the latter sustained recovery, repair and vehicle repatriation costs regardless of the reason that caused the latch of the same, up to a maximum of EUR 20,000.00 competition ( twenty thousand Euro).

5. As regards the fees set out in Articles 3 and 4 of this Rental Agreement, the Client acknowledges that some of them may also be detected at a later time To corresponding return of the vehicle, without any lapse by the terms of Law. The customer, therefore, by signing this Rental Agreement, expressly agrees and gives formal approval to any such charges are then also be charged to the return of the vehicle, the credit card presented by the customer at time of rental as a payment method.
6. All vehicles are covered by compulsory insurance R.C.A. under the applicable laws and in the countries specified in the green paper. The R.C.A. policy It guarantees insurance coverage for civil liability towards third parties, animals and things. In addition, the customer can take out accident insurance for the driver and transported. The general conditions of the policy are available to the customer at the administrative office of Greluno, so that it can examine its contents. Customer acknowledges that Greluno will never be liable for loss or damage to, goods and / or transported values, abandoned or forgotten in the vehicle, both during and after the rental return. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Greluno in case of discovery of goods inside the vehicle undertakes to inform the customer and to make them available for pickup for 30 days following the end of the rental, after which the same shall be deemed abandoned.
7. In the event of a claim, the customer can get from Greluno, after checking availability, a vehicle in place. In any case, the Customer agrees and formally undertakes to protect the interests of Greluno and its insurance company, undertaking, among other things at the same time left and immediacy:

a. provide the names and addresses of the parties involved in the accident and witnesses;
b. not admit any liability or guilt of which is not certain;
c. do not leave the vehicle unattended and without adequate protection;
d. give immediate left of the news by telephone to the nearest Greluno office, even in case of minor damage. In order to allow Greluno the quick opening of the practice of the left and in compliance with the terms of art. 1913 and 1915 of the Civil Code, the customer is obligated to immediately notify the left to Greluno in writing and in any event no later than the deadline of 48 hours (without prejudice to cases of objective and documented impediment), sending the CAI form (Finding Friendly Crash) fully and correctly compiled by the counter party or a detailed report accompanied by a diagram on the dynamics and counter party data. In order to protect the customer from any claims for damages by third parties, relating to events that occurred during the rental period, and for which the customer is not responsible, it is mandatory subscription at the end of the rental of the form “Declaration mandatory “proving the involvement, or not, in an accident. If this declaration is not in conformity to the events actually occurred, the customer will be pursued with legal effects for misrepresentation and false. In the event of litigation with third parties, no later than 5 (five) working days from the registered letter A / R to send Greluno, the customer agrees to follow up specific documentary requirements, providing their further collaboration and sending all the possible elements their knowledge and relevant for the proper management of the defensive line. Failure to comply with these obligations by the client, will make inoperative the Additional Services for the Reduction / Elimination of Liability for Damage by the latter signed. In addition, any costs that may arise as a result of the request for damages by third parties and in respect of which Greluno is unable to produce documentation in defense, will be entirely charged to the Customer. is. Greluno not in any way guarantee the replacement of cargo vans, and it strictly forbids foreign travel without specific authorization from the Rental.
8. The Customer acknowledges that during the winter period in part of the national road network and / or international level there is an obligation for winter tires or chains in the vehicle, devices made available by Greluno. Greluno disclaims any liability if the customer does not intend to make use of such devices.
9. Without prejudice to the responsibility of the vehicle manufacturer for construction defects and the provisions of article 1 of this Agreement, Greluno use ordinary care to keep the vehicle in full working order. Should you ever experience failures to the vehicle during the rental period, Greluno not be liable for any damages, contractual and non-contractual, direct or indirect, suffered by the Client and arising directly or indirectly to these failures, except that these events are due to Greluno. Greluno not liable for damages resulting from non-performance by the customer due diligence in the maintenance and operation of the vehicle. The Customer undertakes to supply the vehicle with the correct type of fuel and check the oil level in the engine and all other liquids, once the distance of 1,000 kilometers, providing top up where necessary. 10. In the event of an accident or breakdown, the customer must contact Greluno necessarily at the telephone numbers listed in the Rental Document; It can not be carried out any work on the vehicle without the prior permission of Greluno. For any replacement vehicle, valued according to vehicle availability and the opening hours of the rental companies, the customer must then reach the center of the nearest car. Expenses incurred (travel, hotel, etc.), to reach the rental center or to continue the journey independently will be redeemable for a maximum amount of Euro 100,00 upon presentation of receipts, subject to the provisions of art. 1223 cc about the damage that is immediate and direct consequence of the fault condition. For any other type of occurrence, reimbursement and / or compensation will never exceed the total rental value, subject to the provisions of art. 1223 cc about the damage that is immediate and direct consequence of what occurred. Greluno reserves the right not to provide a replacement vehicle in case of accident, breakdown, theft, damage or any other reason at its sole discretion, without having to justify such refusal. It not will also provide a replacement vehicle due to theft or fire occurred in Campania, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily.
11. The Customer undertakes not to transfer, sell, mortgage or give this Agreement pledge, the vehicle, the equipment, facilities and every other part and in any case not to act contrary to the Greluno of property rights.
12. No changes may be made to the Terms and Conditions of this Rental Agreement.
13. This Rental Agreement is governed by Italian law.
14. In case of conflict in interpretation between the Italian version and the translation, courtesy of this Rental Agreement, the Italian version shall prevail over the other.
15. If the customer wishes to extend the rental period beyond the deadline set by the terms stipulated in this Agreement, it must immediately notify the lessor station, in order to obtain approval to the extension of the same. The customer is bound by the terms and conditions set out in this Rental Agreement, even where Greluno has authorized the extension of the rental period.
16. Greluno invoice the services under this Rental Agreement to the subscriber of the same, unless they do not contract the car in the name and on behalf of another person who has being duly authorized. In this case, that other person shall be indicated in the rental contract, with an obligation to his signature and subject to trade agreements notwithstanding.
17. The customer has been informed by Greluno that, pursuant to Legislative Decree. 30 June 2003, n. 196 (hereinafter the “Code”), the data provided by you will be processed in compliance with those rules. Data controller, within the meaning of the Privacy Code, is Greluno -via Florentine 8, Prato.
These data will be used for economic Greluno purposes, such as:

a.conclusion and execution of contracts of hire vehicles and any related contracts, as well as creation of a database of customers for such purposes;
b. implementation of international standards of payment systems (for example, bank transfers, debits / credits through credit cards, debit cards, etc.).
c. Send activities of advertising material and use as part of analysis and business studies and consumer habits. In addition, the data may be used by Greluno in order to enable public authorities to forward their complaints to the head of customer violation of the Highway Code or other applicable legislation, for the payment of the fines by the Customer. The customer is informed that on Greluno vehicles can be installed electronic devices for detecting the geographical position of the vehicle and / or recording of driving parameters. These data will be used by Greluno only in case of theft, failure to return the vehicle, accidents or other misconduct in which the vehicle rental object may have been involved and will not be kept for longer than is strictly necessary for such purposes or communicated to different subjects by public authorities, insurance companies, society and responsible professionals who provide services to Greluno necessary to protect its rights in the cases above. Finally, the data may be used by Greluno, pursuant to art. 24 of the Law, for other activities authorized by express provision of law or provision of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data. The data will be processed using instruments that guarantee the security and confidentiality of the same and will be made:

I. By individuals expressly authorized under the Privacy Code with appointment of the owner and the person / s responsible / s;
II. to be responsible, specially appointed under the Privacy Code, which provide Greluno specific analysis and / or data processing;
III. by individuals and organizations with the right to access personal data of the Customer as permitted by applicable laws and regulations or enacted in the future. As a result, the customer is aware that your information may be transferred electronically to other subjects such as: i. all of Greluno group that still legitimately use the Greluno brand; ii. companies specializing in the management and operational treatment of commercial credit to be disbursed to clients, even potential, of Greluno, or in carrying out the procedures provided for by law in connection with the execution of the rental contract and / or purchase and sale of used vehicles concluded by Greluno ; iii. companies and economic institutions, in partnership with Greluno or Greluno group companies, may propose to the customer products and services of interest to you. The provision of data by the customer and the consent to data processing are free and are necessarily functional to the establishment and the performance of this contract. In any case, the customer pursuant to art. 7 of the Privacy Code, can obtain at any time information about:

1. The origin of personal data;
2. the purposes and methods of treatment;
3. that the storage and processing of data;
4. The identity of the owner and managers;
5. categories of persons to whom the data may be communicated or who can learn about them as managers or agents.

The customer has the right to obtain updating, rectification, integration, cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data which need not be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed. The customer also has the right to require certification that the above transactions have been made known, also as regards their content, of those to whom the information was communicated. In relation to the processing of personal data concerning him, as described above, the customer freely expresses its consent, pursuant to and by effect of the law. If any provision of this Rental Agreement should be void, such invalidity will not determine the validity of the remaining provisions of this Rental Agreement. If the customer decides to pay in a currency other than that in which was listed the cost of the rental, the equivalent value is calculated on the exchange rate published by the CITI-BANK increased by 4% in repayment of bank charges and commissions and risk currency fluctuations.